The services for vessels as: bulk carriers, oil tankers, chemical tankers and general cargo, are conducted with experienced master mariners and chief engineers. Our 20 year history proves our reliability, flexibility and openness for what our costumers demand.

Power Maritima staff is divided in the following departments:


Lic. Martha Naranjo, Administrative Manager


The Technical department is in charge of all inquiries, consultancy and requests of ship owners. This includes: Hull machinery, cargo operations, damage repairs, convergence; as well as the production of plans for hull machinery and electrical systems.

Ing. Carlos Monroy
Ing. Patrick Townsend
Chief Mate Ernesto Herrera
Ing. Ligia Condoy, Quality Assurance Representative

We are looking forward to offer you an unforgettable service. Do not hesitate to call us whenever you require professional service.

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